Max Kramer

iOS Engineer and Backend Web Developer

Handcrafted iOS Applications, brought to life in the UK.

Designing and developing anything of consequence is incredibly challenging.
My entire CV can be found here.


Lead iOS Engineer

Posyt is an intuitive way of finding people with similar interests to you. By using our complex natural language search algorithms, we are able to determine the meaning of your notes and from there, can match you with people that have similar interests.



Lead iOS Engineer

Requester is an easy way to test HTTP requests to your website, API or server, on your iPhone and iPad.

Upon entering a URL, Requester will simply return the headers and response in a clear and concise manner.



Lead iOS Engineer

Forecastr is an elegant utility for exquisitely displaying the weather at your current location. The stunning visuals make it easy for you, the user, to quickly view the weather at your current location at the time you open the app, within the next few hours, or evening for the next day.



Lead iOS Engineer

Drive is a simple tool that aims to help reduce your carbon footprint and cut fuel costs.

By entering the amount of fuel, or money to spend thereon, a series of venues such as shops, restaurants or parks within this radius are displayed. Drive was created for UrbanFlow Engine.



Lead iOS Engineer and Backend Developer

Using crowdsourced data, the goal of LinePeek is to map, model and predict the wait times of cafes, restaurants, bars, Apple Stores on iPhone launches, Justin Bieber concerts, bathrooms at SXSW or virtually any place that has a line.