Hello. My name is Max Kramer. I’m an mobile-orientated software engineer based in London, UK.

I like to travel - I'm currently working in and exploring Berlin while spending time following the latest disruptions to the tech industry. I've lead a number of mobile-projects in the past and most of all take pride in helping people to convert their ideas into real-world applications.

More information can be found through LinkedIn or on my cv.

Technical skills

Notable Work Experience Open Source Contributions
Smile Machine
Software Engineer
Created an iPhone application for Jaguar & Land Rover for the New York Autoshow, as well as a health-based prototype MVP for a large international client.
Lead iOS Engineer
Integrated social-network sharing via Twitter/Facebook, re-implemented their Snapchat-style 'selfie creation' screen to translate, rotate and scale text on top of an image. The app was then deployed to the App Store.
School Report
Lead Software Engineer
Hailed the “Trip Advisor for Schools”, I was responsible for the full design and development of the application. This involved the processing of information for over 27k schools as well as designing the backend architecture behind the social-network featureset.
Timber is a very flexible and lightweight logging framework written in Swift.
Trusted by a number of internationally-renound applications such as Hotel Now, ObjectiveLuhn provides validation and insight into customer debit/credit card numbers.
UIButton, but bouncier and capable for use with your own icons and attributed text.
Add Location VC
A drop-in class for allowing users to quickly select a location from a map, including place autocompletion and geocoding.
You can view more of my OSS contributions on Github.

Recent Projects:



Over October and November, 2016, I took part in a volunteering programme with POD Volunteers to work at an orphanage in Pokhara, Nepal. I helped to provide support and care to the children, which involved organising activities, and most of all, becoming a trusted part of their family. At the same time, I also taught english at a local primary school, where teaching material is scarce and even non-existent.

I always look to give back to the community and provide help and support as/when I can. Often it's incredibly difficult to make a lasting change. Unfortunately, solely visiting Nepal and spending time with the young, energetic and enthusiastic children was not enough to change their lives for the better, but I remain in contact with some of the children, as well as the staff that run it in order to help in any way I can.


Coding, in general, is rarely taught in schools and arguably should be a vital part of the nationwide curriculum. Programming teaches students the benefits of logical thinking and encourages them to design and develop their own products, as the world becomes even more engrossed in technology.

As a result, I set-up a Thinkspace - an area for students to learn how to code, at UCS School for Boys. It was overwhelming to have more students turn up to the first session, than computers in the room!